• The new way to learn Guitar Hits


Learning guitar has never been so simple

CoachGuitar is a visual teaching concept. No music theory, no tablature, we show you step-by-step videos lessons with animated fretboard.  

With CoachGuitar on your iPhone & iPad, you learn to play guitar hits wherever you are. Choose your favorite song, learn to play it !


Simply visual

All you need to know to learn a song is our 5-color scheme. The colored dots represent your fingers, anyone can learn how to play like a pro. No musical theory is needed.



The greatest and essential songs

Our library offers essential classic songs as well as hits of the moment. We update our library every week. Stay tuned !

Learn & Share

With CoachGuitar you can now share your evolution with your friends. You won’t be the only one noticing your progress anymore. 

Connect with Facebook, unlock badges, reach new level skills, and start sharing !




CoachGuitar is multi-platform

CoachGuitar is available on all the main Mobile Platforms : iOS, Android and Windows Mobile. Whatever your mobile or tablet is, there is a CoachGuitar App for you !

  • iOS : iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch
  • Android : Samsung Galaxy / HTC / Nexus / Xperia
  • Windows Mobile : Microsoft – Nokia Lumia
Illustration features


  • Animated colored fretboard
  • HD Videos
  • Left or Right handed
  • Step by step lessons
  • Complete version of songs


  • Backing track with voice
  • Slowmotion / Loop Player
  • Tablatures
  • Free lessons included

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Latest blog entry

  • June 11, 2015

    3 Million downloads of CoachGuitar

    Well that’s a step ! Thanks to the growing attraction to CoachGuitar of guitar players around the world, the apps have passed the milestone of 3 million downloads.   This has been such a great quarter. With the release of CoachGuitar 3 on iPhone and iPad we have raised our apps to the level that our users deserved, enhancing navigation, experience, speed, and content. Moreover, we cover now the 3 main mobile platforms, as we released the Windows Mobile app two months ago. But we know that what is important is for you to learn better, to be able to

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  • March 9, 2015

    Videos faster than ever !

    Fellows, You may have read in blogs lately that CoachGuitar had signed a partnership with Limelight Networks (see original news here). But what exactly is the meaning of that, and above all what is the change or benefit for you ?   Yeah this is definitely a benefit for you. One of Limelight Networks’ main activity is to provide data delivery of its clients, over the world. A CDN (Content Delivery Network) provides a point where you can download the content you want, close to you. So basically if you want your media being accessed with the same speed over

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  • May 12, 2014

    Your Guitar Lesson Whenever You Feel Like It

    Coach Guitar On Demand! Without a doubt, the beauty of the Coach Guitar app is that it takes advantage of the most advanced technology of its time via e-learning. There’s no need to take the subway or bus to class or drive your car to your guitar lesson; you can learn any time you want, whenever you feel inspired, when you have a free moment…it’s up to you. Launch Coach Guitar and start learning; it couldn’t be more simple. Whether you’re tackling the classic, folk or electric guitar, the app sets off in motion with a different lesson, one or

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  • April 21, 2014

    Learn How To Play The Guitar Without Tabs

    Immediate Access When you begin to explore all that Coach Guitar has to offer, you will soon realize that the lessons take place within a detailed video format, with different areas on the screen representing what you will need to reproduce: what chords or notes to be played on one hand and how to strum rhythms or how to pick on the other hand. You’ll also see where you’re fingers should be precisely placed. You can then practice everything you’ve learned in order to play the songs you have chosen yourself. At some point soon thereafter, you will be able

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  • April 19, 2014

    Get Familiar With Individual Notes on the Guitar Neck

    Many people learn the guitar casually and off the cuff from friends and family but it doesn’t hurt to officially learn scales and notes. This knowledge can really come in handy as you progress and later on depending on the circumstances. Not only will you be able to play melodies, you will also be able to figure out the chords to those melodies, and the variations of positioning of those notes and chords. If you know at least the lowest two strings of the guitar, the notes E and the A, you’ll be able to play the same notes at

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